Areas of the Ministry

HOSPITAL - If you, or someone you love, is in the hospital, members of our congregation will visit and share a blessing from he Lord with them. Because we are family, we believe in the covenant relationship between people. That means “in sickness and in health,” we vow our steadfast devotion

HOME CARE - We want to make sure those who have been in the hospital have great after care. Members of our congregation provide meals and encouragement when other members of the congregation get out of the hospital.

MILITARY SUPPORT GROUP - Our military families are a vital part of our congregation. We especially want to support them while their loved ones are deployed. Regular fellowships are organized to help bring comfort and support, while providing some fun for those families who have loved ones serving our great nation.

R.O.C. (Reaching Out to Clarksville) - Monthly, we send a large ministry team into areas of our community that are economically disadvantaged. We want them men and women of these neighborhoods to know the love and salvation of Jesus includes them and their children.

JAIL AND PRISON - Every month, we send trained mean and women, trained by us, to minister to those in the local jail and penitentiaries throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. We know our monthly visit encourages many who are discouraged, and we see many come to the salvation knowledge of Jesus.

NURSING HOME - The Bible commands us to “exhort older men as if they were our fathers,” and to “treat older women as mothers.” Nothing is more rewarding than receiving a big smile from one of our “mothers” or seeing a twinkle in the eye of one of our “fathers” each month when we visit a local senior citizen’s community.

USHERS - Our ushers are dedicated mean and women with a deep desire to help our pastoral staff accomplish God’s will in our worship services. Whether it’s meeting the needs of a member of the congregation, or giving guidance at the altar, these are people who can be counted on to keep God’s house in order.

GREETERS - Had a hard week? Need a lift as you walk into God’s house? These men and women have just the right handshake, smile or hug to turn your day around. Their smile comes straight from their hearts.

GOD M.A.D.E. MEN'S MINISTRY (Making A Difference Everyday)  - Nothing is more important to a church than having strong men of faith. We believe men who bond together in Christ will become leaders in every walk of life.

PROJECT L.O.V.E. WOMEN'S MINISTRY (Ladies Of Valor & Encouragement)  - Ladies of Valor and Encouragement is the name of our powerful and focused women’s ministry. LOVE is also the reflection of Christ from one woman to another as they share in the joy of their salvation.

SINGLES - Not everyone in our “family” is married right now. It doesn’t matter how, or why, you are currently single, God has a wonderful relationship. He wants to develop in you, through this very special ministry. Come on out and meet others who share in the love of God in a singularly special way.

COUPLES - Looking for another couple you can relate to? Want a few friends who share your love of Christ and still know how to have fun? You’ll find this ministry meets your needs by introducing you to couples who are just like you!

YOUNG AT HEART SENIORS - This is a ministry that makes sure our seniors are well taken care of, while providing fun fellowship with others who are in the same age bracket and on the same maturity level as they are.

SOUND - If you have a background in recording or audio, or would like to learn, we want to put you to work in our sound ministry today!

LIGHTING - It is important for us to set the proper mood to welcome His Spirit into our services. Part of the proper mood consists of our lighting. If you have a background in stage lighting, or would like to learn, join our team today.

AUDIO VISUAL - Isn’t it nice to have the words on the screen during praise and worship, and the scriptures to appear during the sermon? Well, these screens do not just run themselves! A dedicated team of volunteers provide this wonderful amenity to you. They would gladly welcome your assistance.

VIDEO CAMERA OPERATORS - A visual of our services can be seen on in house screens, as well as being broadcast throughout the world through our live stream via state of the art, HD equipment. The more angles we can provide (meaning more camera operators needed), the better we can display our services. We need your help today!

HEBREWS COFFEE SHOP - Faith Outreach Church has it’s very own coffee shop, HeBrews! This is a great way to meet people in the church and welcome new visitors. Stop by for a great cup of coffee and volunteer while you're in there!

SECURITY - We live in a post 9/11 world. Though we do not walk in fear, we walk in the wisdom that having a plan is better than not having a plan. This is a team of conscientious individuals who dedicate themselves to the safety and wellbeing of our entire congregation.


LOAVES & FISHES - Every month, we partner with a local shelter to help feed men and women who have fallen into extreme hard times. We want to treat everyone the way Jesus would. Serving them lunch is a way to demonstrate our concern for their lives.

MISSIONS - Our outreach supports missionaries in Russia, Mexico, England, Germany, Poland, Jamaica and Kosovo. We have also made missions trips to Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela and Ecuador. If you have a heart for the hurting world, join us in taking Christ to them.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER - Prayer is the single most important aspect of our relationship with the Father. if you have a heart for intercessory prayer, join us each week as we intercede for our church, our pastors, our community and our country.

ALTAR WORKERS - If you have a desire to minister to those who have just had a “new birth” in Christ experience, or perhaps have just rededicated their lives, this ministry is a place where God can use you.

DISCIPLESHIP - When someone has come forward to the altar, we know it is a signal they want to place themselves in right standing with God. Sometimes that means they need the help of a mature Christian friend. That’s what this ministry provides.

PARKING LOT - This ministry requires only one thing of its volunteers: you must have the heart of a servant! If you would like to offer your heart to God and to the fellowship of believers, this ministry may the right place for you.

COLLEGE MINISTRY - With Clarksville being a university town, it is important for our college age members to know they aren’t the only Christians on campus. This ministry allows our members to meet each other, offers a support system and encourages them to resist the temptations that coincide with the “college” life.

DIVORCE CARE - Maybe you’ve been feeling rejected and lost since your divorce. Maybe you’ve been told by someone that you can’t possibly be of any use to God or His people because your marriage ended. Nothing could be further from the truth as this encouraging ministry will help you discover.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - What we offer you and your family is two-fold. First, your children will receive a worship experience based on their age group. Second, you will receive an uninterrupted worship experience, knowing your child is getting the same sound teaching you are.

TEEN MINISTRY - We have a dynamic ministry for our teenagers. Because we believe they are the next generation of leaders, we make sure they get the right information about the issues they confront in their daily lives. We want them to be soul winners in our schools!

MUSIC - The Bible tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and also praise him with instruments. If you sing or play an instrument, there is a place for you in our music ministry.

LIVE STREAM - We have hundreds of our members serving in the military or on jobs that have taken them to other parts of the globe. This ministry makes sure everyone can still be a part of our church, even though they may not physically be in the building by live streaming every service, every week.

FRIENDSHIP TEAM - We have a responsibility to make our first-time visitors feel welcomed and at home. This dedicated group of volunteers meet and greet all visitors and let them know they are honored guests.

FELLOWSHIP TEAM - Every time we gather together for a time of fellowship, it takes a group of workers to make that event a reality. Whether planning working a special event or serving during a potluck, we need selfless, willing workers to volunteer their time to making these events a reality.

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM - If you have a passion to take photos, we have the right ministry for you! Volunteer your God-given talents and help us capture the moments of our ministry.